“Dr. Frankum not only stopped my foreclosure and prevented my home from being sold on the Court House steps he also saved my credit and I am still living in my home! He did all the paperwork, all the leg work and did not even charge me a fee or commission. Dr. Frankum gave me my life back! Dr. Max Frankum was very professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a foreclosure.”

​Larry Fisher

Dallas, Texas



How We Work

 I am a member of the National Prevention Center which is a nationwide service company that has specialized in stopping foreclosures and saving people’s homes just like yours for over 20 years.

Don’t let a foreclosure take your home and ruin your credit for seven long years making it very difficult, if not almost impossible, to buy a new home or car, rent an apartment, get a credit card or even a job.

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A foreclosure can result in your home being sold at auction on the court house steps followed by an eviction whereby the sheriff comes and removes all your personal belongings from your home dropping them on the curb outside your home regardless of weather conditions in front of your family, friends and neighbors. Then the sheriff will change the locks on your house permanently barring you form your home.

We can prevent all of this! We can stop your foreclosure dead in its tracks!! To see seven proven strategies to prevent foreclosure click on the Quick Housing Solutions link below:

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Our Real Estate Company has served Dallas Fort Worth and the surrounding area since 1994.

Our area of expertise is in preventing foreclosures but we also handle probate, divorce, estate, and distressed properties.

If you are facing a foreclosure, call us today.  There are no fees, no commissions, and no hidden costs.  Calling costs you nothing.  Not calling could cost you your home and your credit!